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About Us

Scout Systems was initially born out of a need to collect data from one of the largest black spots in any manufacturing facility - it’s operator's actions. We began developing the first conceptual designs for the present-day Tracker prototypes in October 2014 because the manufacturing world needed a way to easily read nearly any signal type from one single unit. This brought forth the power to collect operator based actions through a myriad of sensor options.

We quickly realized that not only was there a need for the hardware to collect the signals, but the industry was in need of a cloud-based application that could give management the power to sift through the resulting data. Scout Systems developed a suite of web-based applications to complement the hardware. Compass for interactive, digital work instructions, and HQ for everything from design, to live production floor access, to real-time reporting.

A Universal Solution

We are passionate about collecting the right kind of data. Our mission is to provide ethical manufacturers all over the world with the tools to collect, interpret, and uncover valuable insights that help them compete.