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One Device for Any Equipment

Tracker is our near-universal signal interpreter that allows you to bring intelligence to any machine or equipment.

Vast Capabilities

Unlock greater operational capabilities by seamlessly integrating our near-universal edge device with any production cell, equipment, or machinery. With a no-code implementation process, you can easily harness the power of this device to enhance your operations and drive efficiency and productivity to new heights.

Machine Monitoring

Connect to new or legacy machines to track true usage and improve your preventative maintenance.

Signal Verification

Embed with your test equipment and set requirements on your work instructions for in-line quality control.

Touchless Navigation

Improve ergonomics by automating your work instruction navigation without the need to engage with the software.

Presence Tracking

Sharpen your data accuracy by monitoring Operator presence and automatically pausing the job if no one is active.

tech hardware tracker

This rugged, opto-isolated edge device is designed to handle nearly any production environment.

Press Brakes

Sync with Work Instructions to automate progression

Reduce backwards bends

Improve safety

CNC Machines

Separate machine value added time from human labor

Compare performance of different machines

Isolate cut time from gantry movement

Cutting Beds

Track cutting time for improved preventative maintenance

Detect and measure emergency stops

Run lights out and accurately record production time

Test Equipment

Embed with Work Instructions to require tests

Avoid false test records with latching signals

Create error-proof production cells

Smart Tools

Set requirements in Work Instructions to verify proper actions

Automatically progress through Work Instructions

Notify Operators of errors/fault codes

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We are committed to understanding your equipment and unique needs so that we can provide you with the utmost clarity and tailored solutions.



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