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Streamline Operations with Work Instruction Software

Transform your workforce with intelligent work instructions, revolutionizing training and operations to drive productivity, minimize defects, and preserve critical tribal knowledge.

What is Work Instruction Software

In the past, manufacturers relied on tools like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint to create Standard Work Instructions. While useful at the time, these platforms fall short of today's standards. Work Instruction Software is purpose-built for manufacturing, significantly reducing the time required to develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). While paper-based work instructions remain an option, transitioning to digital work instructions offers unparalleled benefits. By providing Operators with computer-based access to work instructions, you unlock 24/7 time studies, seamless in-line quality assurance, and precise product tracing.

Enhance Productivity

You capture data that is valuable when your Operators are following digital work instructions. Complex processes are far easier to understand, Managers get greater visibility of the Shop Floor, and the data collected fuels continuous improvement projects.

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Speak Their Language

Work is work - and it's even harder when you're reading work instructions in a second language. Automatically convert step by step instructions into multiple languages.

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Immediate Assistance

With greater visibility of the Shop Floor through Dashboards and ANDONs, production stops are quickly resolved. Custom notifications can be made to send to support staff.

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Gamify Engagement

Breaking records is fun, and when you let Operators know their performance they can become more focused on the job at hand. Even complex processes become interesting.


What makes our platform unique is its ability to support Assembly and Fabrication, in virtually any industry. Complex procedures can be broken into step by step processes that are useful to both seasoned and new employees. Simple tasks can be used to capture data and give easy access to real time visibility.

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Our popular Variant feature helps support high mix, low volume production by reducing the number of work instructions needed while maintaining flexibility. The Change Log and Publishing Reviewers compares previous versions ensuring up to date information is being documented. Regardless of your processes, it is highly likely that our work instruction software will be a powerful tool for your organization.

Engaging With Work Instruction Software

Using electronic work instructions is incredibly easy on your Operators. Each workstation will need a computer with Compass (our work instruction reader) installed. Training is quick, and even without work instructions present the platform can be used to capture data.

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to Compass


Each Operator will have their own credentials to access Compass. This way all production data will be associated with a unique Operator.

Select Production Order


Operators can select from their daily production schedule or create a new job directly from Compass to access instructions.

Prepare Job


Provide the Bill of Materials and Tools needed to organize for the next job. Include setup work instructions for more complex tasks.

Follow Work Instructions


Enhance operational excellence by offering visual guidance to empower Operators in performing their daily tasks with improved accuracy and efficiency. Implement in-line quality assurance check points, safety & defect warnings, and more.

Close-Out Job


Seamlessly automate work order closure with Compass. When the final item is completed, our platform will automatically close out the work order. Take advantage of our powerful webhooks and API portal to seamlessly integrate Compass with your ERP system.

Work Instruction Creation

Using our custom work instruction Designer application, your team can easily design digital work instructions. Within seconds you can add imagery, video, text callouts, required inputs, inspector verifications, multimedia support, and more. Adopt world-class document and revision control with minimal effort.

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New Forms of Automation

When using our API Portal and our Edge Device (Tracker, for connected devices), your factory will discover that using electronic work instructions will open a new world of automation. Integration of Torque tools and other equipment with the platform to not only ensure consistency, but it can automate engagement with the electronic work instructions. Your ERP can be in communication with the platform, sending out the daily production schedule and closing out jobs when complete. Paper will become obsolete, reducing the workload on your staff and improving your compliance. Production waste will be recorded by the platform, removing documentation tasks from your Operators.

What does Work Instruction Software Cost

You can start today with our free work instruction software to create work instructions, but will still rely on paper on the shop floor. Embracing digital work instructions will give you access to a far more powerful system that will fuel continuous improvement. Our Accelerator Program is extremely popular, as our staff personally works with yours to deploy the platform in a way that aligns with the process improvements you are focusing on. This method makes our software solution stand out from other systems, as we maintain over a 90% success rate with new customers. Get started today or schedule a demo to see why so many manufacturers use Scout Systems to create work instructions and how it improves their entire process.


Let our team show you how easy it is to step into the digital age with interactive work instructions.



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