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Platform Capabilities

Transitioning to a digital factory offers a plethora of benefits for manufacturers. With our platform, you can have the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing demands while also collecting and analyzing data, and enhancing quality assurance. Unlike other platforms that require customers to pick and choose specific features, our platform provides access to the complete list. Here are some of the most commonly used features of our platform.



Instruction-Less Mode

Experience effortless setup and training for your staff. Achieve complete factory tracking without the upfront work typically associated with documenting work instructions. This is an excellent starting point for your digital transformation journey.

Included Users


Unlike many SaaS alternatives that impose user-based charges, our system offers unlimited user access without incurring additional costs. We encourage each individual to create a unique account to ensure the most accurate data capture possible.

Batch Jobs

Gain the flexibility to execute production orders in batches rather than adhering to single-piece flow methods.

Nest Jobs

Ideal for machine shops equipped with CNC machinery, simultaneously construct multiple products while capturing individual part production data. This is an excellent solution for vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.

Equipment/Tool Communication


Utilizing our edge device (Tracker), you can monitor the usage of tools or equipment. In conjunction with digital work instructions, incorporate Go/No-Go quality assurance techniques, or optimize the cell for ergonomics to seamlessly sequence steps.

Multimedia Work Instructions

Streamline intricate work instructions by incorporating multiple images within a single step. For more complex guidance, utilize a video to demonstrate the specific expertise required to carry out the task.

Media Library

Incorporate extra images, videos, or PDFs into the media library to enrich your resources. Replace the traditional MSDS folders by directly assigning crucial information to the work instructions.

Embedded Warnings

Enhance production quality by providing Operators with real-time information about known defects at the precise process step where they occur. Minimize injuries by alerting Operators to hazardous tasks and offering guidance on how to execute them safely.

Multilingual Translation

Make sure your operators comprehend the crucial information you share by enabling them to read it in their preferred language. Write your work instructions in English, and our system will automatically translate them to the language chosen by your operators.

Suspend Jobs and Change Priority

Gain the flexibility to address your customers' pressing needs. Operators can pause a job to prioritize the most urgent work order. Data will be retained, allowing operators to return to the job and seamlessly resume from where they left off.

Operator Inputs

Remove the need for paperwork and manual data entry by incorporating operator inputs directly into work instructions. Conduct quality inspections, take SPC measurements, add notes, and more, all within the digital platform.

Send Messages

Minimize response time to issues by empowering operators with the ability to effortlessly send email or SMS messages to the designated support staff for their work area when problems occur.

Record Production Stops

Precisely document production downtime by capturing every lost second and the associated reasons using the integrated pause screen for waste tracking.

Shift Sharing

Seamlessly transition work orders between shifts while tracking individual contributions. Operators can sign out in the middle of a task, and the next operator signing in will have the option to either continue the unfinished work or choose a different order from the production queue.

Skipped Process Warning

Incorporate smart features that help ensure no critical steps are overlooked. If Operators move too quickly or miss an essential part of the work instruction, the system will alert them to review their work and confirm they've completed all necessary tasks.



Set Production Schedules

HQ's Live Production enables authorized users to access, modify, and reprioritize your production schedule from any location worldwide.

Predict Production End Times

HQ's Live Production employs statistical analytics to determine a reliable pace for completing work orders. This information allows you to accurately estimate order completion times, helping to minimize gaps between orders.

Work Instruction Designer

Our system is an award-winning solution known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for your staff to quickly document digital work instructions. We have built-in tools that streamline the process, reducing the amount of effort required.

Instruction Publishing Reviewers

To achieve greater process control, you can establish a collaborative environment where individual or multiple departments can review draft instructions before they are implemented on the production floor.

Historical Change Log

With the Change Log feature, all modifications made to the documentation are recorded, enabling you to review the previous versions of the work instructions. You can easily track who made the changes, who approved or rejected a design, and the rationale behind the modifications.

Instruction-Less Mode

Experience effortless setup and training for your staff. Achieve complete factory tracking without the upfront work typically associated with documenting work instructions. This is an excellent starting point for your digital transformation journey.


Save time for your documentation control teams by embedding existing instructions for commonly performed tasks into new instructions. This eliminates the need to create new instructions from scratch every time and ensures consistency across the board.

Family Class Units

The Unit-in-Unit feature with Variant eliminates the need to create work instructions for every option of a family class. Instead, you can create options for each task, significantly reducing the work required.

Smart Data Collection/Processing

All data is automatically captured and analyzed to identify statistical abnormalities. Any questionable data is flagged and excluded from relevant production reports, ensuring accurate and reliable data analysis.


Gain access to a variety of production reports designed for your product, operator performance, work cells, and equipment. Analyze the actual labor required for your product and determine which operators are most skilled for specific tasks.

ANDON Dashboard

Use our ANDON Dashboard to handle reactive problems swiftly, in order to maximize efficiency. The dashboard is equipped with internal response scoring, allowing your response team to set objectives and provide more effective support.

KPI Dashboard

Get a comprehensive view of your production key performance indicators (KPIs) through a single, user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of the number of completed work orders, the overall efficiency of your work area or plant, and identify the issues causing the most significant production stops.

Global Tool Library with Updating

Our system features a simple wizard that makes updating all of your work instructions that will be affected by obsolete or replaced tools quick and easy.

Unique Work Area Settings

Tailor your work area settings to match your organization's requirements, providing Operators with access to the most pertinent information.

Scheduled Breaks

Set a customized break schedule that automatically pauses the production clock, ensuring that the production data collected is accurately aligned with your actual efforts.



API Development Portal

When you're ready to integrate our platform with your existing systems, you can access our API Development Portal. The portal provides detailed descriptions and test environments to assist your staff in the process.

API Call Limits

100,000 / week

With our platform, you can make up to 100,000 weekly API calls to support your integration requirements. This enables you to load your production schedule, complete jobs in your ERP system, and create customized dashboards to suit your needs.

Additional API Calls


We understand that your integration needs may exceed our weekly API allowance. Therefore, we are happy to provide additional support and increase your API limits on a weekly basis.

Different User Roles


You can provide unlimited access to the platform for all staff members in your facility, and customize their individual access rights based on their roles and responsibilities. This allows for better control over the system and ensures that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


Our platform is hosted on a dynamically scaling account on Microsoft Azure to ensure optimal speed for our customers. With regular backups in place, we guarantee a 99.9% uptime to ensure your business runs smoothly without any interruptions.

Customer Support

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of our platform. Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Representative who will work closely with you to understand your business objectives and guide you through your digital transformation journey. Additionally, our technical support staff is available 24/7 to provide assistance whenever you need it.