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Optimize Production with Real-Time Data

Track every Operator and Machine in your facility, from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Know when a station will complete an order, if and why it has stopped, and receive alerts to improve decision making.

Production KPIs

Track your First Pass Yield

See where your labor is most invested

Visualize production stops

Monitor your Overall Effectiveness

ANDON Dashboard

Know all statuses of every cell

Color-code production stops

Monitor daily waste and worst offenders

Reduce the time it takes to resolve stops

Live Production

Access all Production Orders and their statuses

Know the estimated completion time

Set and/or modify the daily schedule

Monitor the productivity of every cell

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Utilizing our edge device (Tracker) you can connect Compass to new and legacy equipment. Measure a machine’s usage to improve preventative maintenance or verify a machine is used for a particular process to ensure quality.

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Analytics are only as good as the data you collect. With our platform you will collect information on every person and machine in your facility. All data is processed using Lean Six Sigma industry standards to flag and remove errors.

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Embrace digitalization and witness the rapid, tangible benefits it brings to your factory.

Less Down-Time

Most companies experience a 5-15% increase in their capacity.

Lower Costs

Eliminate manual time studies, data entry, paper travelers and expensive quality checkpoints.

On-Time Delivery

Adapt quickly if a production order is falling behind, improve scheduling with accurate data.

Higher Confidence

Impress your customers when they tour your facility with world class practices.

Rapidly Transform Your Shop Floor

Catch up with innovation and impress customers. Our Accelerator Program has over a 90% success rate and takes only 3 months.

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Let our team show you how easy it is to manage your shop floor in the digital age.



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