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Cost Reduction

Reducing Production Gaps

Author Ben Marsh 2 min read
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In the manufacturing industry today, efficiency and lead-time optimization play a vital role and can significantly impact your total cost of production. One often overlooked aspect with tremendous potential for improvement lies in the time between production orders - known as production gaps.

When you’re striving to streamline workflow and enhance production efficiency, reducing these production gaps can be relatively straightforward. Fortunately, achieving this reduction does not call for investment in high-priced technology or an elaborate continuous improvement project. Transitioning to a digital shop floor management system is very affordable and provides a huge advantage by making production gaps more transparent and measurable.

HQ Reports: Production History Chart

Your goal should be to create better visibility and bolster communication, enabling the precise identification and eradication of production gaps. Scout System’s platform aids this process by offering a real-time evaluation of the production process. The software measures the speed at which the current job is progressing and looks back at historical performances to make an educated estimate on when it will conclude.

Reviewing HQ Live Production's Predicted End Time

Imagine your Production Leads having access to regularly updating estimated completion times, while also being able to foresee upcoming orders. This provides them ample time to prepare the materials required for their operators in advance. This simple yet effective approach of preparation significantly eases the shift from one job to another, reducing downtime thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of your manufacturing process.

Production Support Staff

Consequently, your operators become more productive, and the factories become more cost-effective. With Scout System's platform, the production gaps can be minimized significantly, translating into improved efficiency and profitability.

The Significant Impact of Minimizing Production Gaps

Reducing production gaps can drastically transform the efficiency and productivity of a manufacturing operation within a relatively short period. Our Accelerator Program customers typically witness a substantial 5-15% increase in their production capacity within just 90 days.

The beauty of these gains is that the solution requires minimal effort from your workforce. The platform automatically collects, processes, and analyzes production data, presenting vital metrics in easy-to-understand visuals precisely when they’re needed. This reliable and insightful information streamlines decision-making and strategic planning processes, ensuring your team is equipped to optimize every step of the production process efficiently.

Clearly, the act of reducing production gaps stands as a compelling, low-effort strategy to generate substantial returns on your digital transformation investment. Embracing this approach equates to less downtime, improved productivity, and heightened capacity - propelling you toward a future of enhanced competitiveness and increased profitability.

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Ben Marsh

I've spent my career in Manufacturing, and can't stop trying to make things more efficient. At home, I am a master Lego builder with my son.

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