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API Portal Access

Author Cody Sharpe 2 min read
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In this training session we will introduce you to our API Developer Portal, a repository for all currently exposed API calls you and your team can use to push/pull your account data.

Accessing the API Portal

Our customer-facing API portal is available at To enter you will need a separate email/password.

API Dev Portal

Requesting Account Creation

In order to be granted access to the API Portal, the Scout Systems team needs to create your API portal account (email/password/subscription). Please contact to request account creation. In addition, our staff will request that you associate your API Portal access with a particular HQ User (created in HQ Admin > Users). If you've not already done so, please make sure that you have your HQ User account created prior to requesting API Portal access.


With your account created, click the green SIGN IN button. Enter your email address & password and hit 'Sign In'. You should now see a new green button called 'API Documentation'. Its here that you'll be provided with a list of our API versioning - you will most likely be looking for the latest version provided.

API Documentation access

It should also be noted that having gained access to the API Portal, you can verify your 'Products' - noting your calls/min and calls/week limitations, as well as edit your account details within the 'Profile' tab.

It is also here in the Profile tab that you'll access your subscription's Primary/Secondary keys to be used in the call making process.

Subscription Primary and Secondary keys

You are now able to access and discover all of the available API calls that we offer.

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Cody Sharpe

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